Last Show

Come out and see us this evening for our last opening night.

The Mariago Collective is proud to have over 2 years working with a brilliant art community in one of the strongest art cities in the United States. As founders of the Mariago Collective, we have made a decision to close the doors to the gallery after our upcoming exhibit displaying new work by Houston-based artist, and University of Houston alum, Felipe Contreras. He is one of the artists who participated in the gallery’s program as a guest curator- a part of the gallery programming we are most proud of.
The Mariago’s mission in the beginning and throughout our exhibition schedules was to be a venue for artists to take on the role as curator in our gallery space. The projects and the risks taken within the curatorial endeavors have been engaging, edgy and sophisticated. From Mat Kubo’s no talking, just typing performance, to Jo Ann Fleischhauer’s “the sky and the fracture” we feel we have succeeded in our mission of presenting unorthodox exhibitions in a commercial gallery setting.
We would like to thank every person who has walked through our doors who sought out thought provoking installations, prints, drawings, sculptures and paintings. The gallery has fostered connections that have led to works like Tim Glover’s Hot Rod Mustang which is now a part of the City of Houston’s art collection. Recently we were informed that our first Assistant Director, Nohelia Vargas, was accepted to the graduate program at the Museum School in Boston, Massachusetts. We have developed strong relationships with artists, collectors, writers and curators in Houston. We will continue to support the arts in Houston, and we hope to continue to grow the networks and friendships we have created through our time directing shows at the Mariago.

Sincerest of thanks,

Ferdinand and Rachel Andres

Special thanks to all the artists who were a part of the Collective…